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What we've grown this season!


The Freshest Blackberries!

Blackberries are as yummy as ever this season as they're coming out to say hello, be sure to come pick your own today!


The Tastiest Strawberries!

Every day more and more fresh, huge strawberries are blessing us with their presence - they never seem to run out! Come early to get the days pick!


Magnificent Boysenberries!

Mixing these with strawberries for Jam is amazing! Be sure to try it out when they're in season! You can't afford to miss it!

Family Loved and Owned

Taste the passion for yourself today!

Here at BerryWorld Timboon, we pride ourselves in loving our farm - and in return the farm loves us! The huge returns of strawberries in this lovely Victorian weather is perfect for any strawberry lover, and we couldn't love our produce any more than we already do! Just perfection waiting to be picked right out of the ground!

Perfect idea for a family trip!

There are strawberries. And then there are Timboon strawberries!

The fertile green countryside of Timboon offers a picturesque setting for a feast of luscious berries with a difference. Berry World is a pick-your-own berry farm that specialises in the high flavour varieties of strawberries that you won't find in the supermarkets. You can also pick hybrid blackberries (which grow to twice the size of your normal blackberry) and a range of other berry fruits are being planted and will be available in the future.

A great treat for children of all ages!

Wide grassed picking paths between rows prevent dust and mud and enable easy access for families and wheel chairs. The setting is peaceful - small birds abound, the koalas and wallabies visit and a public golf course is opposite and convenient onsite parking is available.